Friday, July 27, 2007

What Have You Created in Your Life Today?

Each of us finds the quality of each twenty-four hours of our lives. We acquire up and to a big grade take how we will pass our time. Most of us must work, but we generally have got picks about the sort of work. Many of us have got household obligations, but we can make up one's mind how to carry through them. We all have got an amount of empty clip each day, but how we fill up up it changes tremendously.

I believe it is in our powerfulness to fill each twenty-four hours with originative expression. I don't intend that it's necessary to physically "make" something, a tangible physical object to look at and state "I did that." It's possible, but I'm actually ambitious you to dwell all of your life creatively, looking for chances to inculcate your tasks, chores, and free clip with imaginativeness and enthusiasm.

Commit to Begin

A good topographic point to begin life creatively is to inquire "How could I make my life more enjoyable?" You don't always have got to set merriment at the end of the twenty-four hours or the project. Are there a manner to inculcate your twenty-four hours with better activities? Would it be more than productive to make things in a different order? Would the very enactment of "mixing it up" lend to new penetrations and perspective?

Decide that whatever is left of today will be more than creative. Express yourself. Take a few proceedings from your work to compose in your diary or bill of exchange a haiku verse form that reflects something that happened earlier today. Sing along with the radio, or bend it off and do up your ain song as you drive place from work. Arrange some freshly cut flowers or add a new spice as you set up dinner.

Trusting Imagination & Intuition

Life can be messy, complicated, and disappointing. And sometimes we have got no control over what happens. But your inherent aptitudes and your intestine can steer you to the better choices, to more than satisfaction, to greater success.

Too often we close down the very hints that we have naturally, because we don't trust our innate beginnings of imaginativeness or deep cognition of what would better our lives from minute to moment. We make things so much more than hard than they necessitate to be.

Your already cognize what to do. When new thoughts or mental images blink in your head or you have got an intimation about how to make something, trust those messages. To fully delight in what we conceive of and let ourselves to experience everything, is to dwell creatively.

No Need for Approval

Blessing is subjective and a made up concept, just like rules. Others only have got the powerfulness we give them to construe or measure what we make, what we say, and what we do.

You acquire to make up one's mind if anyone is qualified to measure your desires, projects, and progress. If you don't seek approval, you don't have got to concern yourself with letting others down or not meeting their expectations.

Taking Chances

Life constructs on itself one layer at a time, just like words in a story, paint on a canvas, or experiences shared in a relationship. Standing still and never trying new things is to stay stagnant. And once you halt taking chances, you get to decease a small spot each day.

Add orange to the sweater you are knitting. Leave out the meat and add a new veggie to your favourite casserole recipe. Sign up for a military volunteer holiday in South America. Brand up a game to inhabit the downtime during a traffic jam. You can't cognize if something will work out until you seek it.

Let Go of the Outcome

Seeking flawlessness causes emphasis and tension. That isn't to state that improving a accomplishment or method is unfulfilling or unimportant. However, not everything you make or make have to be top notch. Seeking flawlessness can acquire in the manner of enjoying an activity. That's why so may people give up on learning how to play a musical instrument or a foreign language. There is no diagnostic test when you bask learning for its ain sake.

Doing tin be its ain wages with the end product, if there is one, fantastic enough. Most everyone deeply appreciates hand-made gifts. Think fresh adust biscuits for strawberry shortcake instead of those squishy sponge patties. I'd take home-baked every time.

Your Own Pleasure

We have got the powerfulness to creatively inculcate our lives with pleasance at almost every turn. You don't necessitate money to have got rich and interesting friendships. You don't necessitate particular equipment and stores to do a delightful and even alien repast for your family. You don't necessitate permission to have on a colourful scarf to work.

Seek out fancy as you travel through your life. Enjoy the manner things look and taste. State people how you feel. Bash do things with your hands. Notice how your organic structure experiences as you travel it different ways. Love that everything is simply a work in progress, that you can change your mind, and that you can do each twenty-four hours more beautiful.

© 2007 Andrea R. Williams

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Are You A Renegade Creative Entrepreneur & Don't Know It? This Will Help

Making The Business Of Art The Art Of Business

How many modern times have got got you heard it said "capitalize on what you have".....or "the diamonds are right in presence of your nose?", etc.

There are a million Oregon more than tired old cliche's in the human race of business.

But make these principals use to those of us who might be considered "renegade entrepreneurs"? What is a turncoat entrepreneur, you may ask?

You might be and not even cognize it.

I retrieve old age ago, (am 50 two now), when my equals were studying to be doctors, lawyers,
druggists or even great aspirations to do large vaulting horses in the existent estate or coverage (or some other

Some of us were back then (as now) on "the route less traveled". We were too busy thought of
what could be rather than what is. We were not satisfied unless we were reinventing the wheel, more than than once if demand be.

My household concern is existent estate and my blood brother throws the reigns to a booming century old family
company. He acquires fulfilment and felicity from it.

I tried it for respective old age and was bored out of my mind. Iodine cannot count how many concerns I
tried, gross sales occupation I endured, humbling occupations in which I squeaked by, etc. I always felt I was a writer/artist astatine bosom whether I was selling existent estate or advertising.

Hence a great trade of interior battle and disappointment.

Which measure of the ladder are you on in your business? Rich Person you started the first 1 yet?

If not, let's travel back to basics. What is right in presence of you? Bash you see diamonds? Bash you see
gold? If not, that's okay. It is clip for a self-assessment.

Perhaps you loved doing something when you were little but you didn't happen any support or blessing for doing it. Time went by, maybe you married and had children and establish what occupation was available to back up them. The dreaming or dreamings became fleeting. Maybe you don't even remember
them, or do, but seek to bury them to set on the inheritor of fulfilment and/or happiness.

But only you cognize inside if working for a corporation, or even the concern you are in is the
right one. Are you feeling happy about it? Bash you leap out of bed waiting for the adjacent day?

I will admit, though I finally "found myself" in cartooning late in life, it was no easy trek. I went
down many roadstead (mostly already paved for me) before discovering these roadstead were the buss of
decease for my entrepreneurial spirit.

One mightiness as well have got thrown my in prison. Wherever I was I felt like it. I reluctantly handed

out concern card game and smiled in every profession, hoping, if I learned enough in any of them, I would
happen that elusive bird called happiness.

Even when I was making first-class money, if I was in a occupation I didn't enjoy, I was miserable.

One day, I sat down with a pen and piece of paper. Iodine wrote down all the dreamings I'd project aside
owed to others wishings and/or desires for me.

I retrieve old age ago, when I was in junior college in Dallas, I was reading the comedians in the
Dallas Morning News. I thought to myself, "I'm not a great artist, but I sure cognize how to come
up with conceptions and compose as good as most of these". I decided to compose a few and show them to
my mom. She frowned and I got the message quickly before she had a opportunity to even state "Study
your Western Civ!!!"

It is astonishing what stays in our psyches and psyche. I will never bury that smashed dream. I knew
it was something I could make well, if lone given the chance.

Fast forward thirty years. I was out of a occupation yet again, (and not a very good 1 at that).

I decided then and there I was going to begin my ain cartoon. I had written respective thousand of them but was not satisfied with my artwork. I didn't recognize at the clip I was then at measure 1 of my new
concern venture; and it turned out it was and is one of the greatest concerns (relatively unknown) in the U.S., "Image Licensing". That would not go on for almost another decennary however.

I continued to take odd occupations and compose my cartoons. By then I was working with a squad of very
talented artists, willing to take a hazard on my concepts. My website was becoming popular so I had
something to "offer up" on the table....exposure. And exposure they got. By 2005 the land site was
in the Alexa Top 100K most visited land sites on the Internet. It have received 6.5 million visitants since its beginnings in 1997.

But still no consistent income; only the occasional publication sell to a trade magazine or newspaper.

My better half, Rosy, asked me, "Why don't you seek merchandising?" I had tried it respective modern times to no avail, but I didn't utilize the basic concern principal, maybe the most of import in sales...."numbers". I had learned in one of my awful gross sales occupations "It's all a Numbers game", the more than than you name the more you sell.

This clip rather than giving up after twenty or so calls, I called hundreds. More rejection. After about three hundred calls, a "YES"!

Londons Times Cartoon Superstore was launched in September of 2006 and have been profitable every calendar month but one since it's beginnings. The maker makes all the work, publicity at shopping channels such as as Shopzilla and, Amazon, Ebay, etc. They show window about 60,000 merchandises with our mental images in twenty three categories.

Further analyze showed me that there was also a more than upscale fan alkali wanting higher quality merchandise. I shopped to happen there are respective teeing ground shirt on demand companies (which also fabricate other merchandises such as as as lug bags, mousepads, coasters, etc.) such as Cafepress, Printfection, and others. I studied them all carefully and chose Printfection owed to their
first-class quality and client service.

So now two supplies later, one ecard site, and the sketch land land site is still up and running.

Suddenly I establish myself a true turncoat entrepreneur. I had reached ends beyond what
I thought I would.

Was it easy? Of course of study not. Was it rocket science? Nope. It was and is a continuity. Hard

Always promoting, always writing (such as now), and keeping my oculus on the ball.

Remembering the diamonds (or gold) were right in presence of me all the time. I simply allow a
lovingness loved one talking me out of it.

Now I believe before I take any action regarding my career. It's not just mental image licensing or
the concern or art. It is the fine art of business. And I can now make major determinations and have got the
mobility and income to make so.

You can do the same thing. Maybe not in cartooning. That may or may not be your forte'. But seek to retrieve a dreaming or dreaming you had before you "ended up in" the place you are.

Chances are it happened before the Internet was founded and information on how to launch
and advance your concern was not yet available.

I started Londons Times Cartoons on less than $300 10 old age ago. Now, with blogs, article marketing, Google, and so much more than than that was not available then, I probably could have got started it today with much less (using a batch more perspiration equity and taking it more seriously from the start).

I never imagined for a minute it might go a success. Now you can make the same.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This or Something Better

For as long as there have been a human history there is a method of changing your life for the better. Most people simply fight through their lives and hope for a better future. They trust that some twenty-four hours they will be happy, someday they can retire, someday this, someday that.

Something that most of us make not comprehend is that someday is not guaranteed. All we have got is right now. You can trust for a future, you can be after for it, but you can not dwell it until it arrives. So how can you do your hereafter something you look forward to; something that you anticipate, something better.

So it is clip now; for a measure by measure method of making your life better…

Decide on what you desire. There is no limit, and no restrictions; what you make up one's mind is what you will get. However be warned; be careful what you inquire for as you will acquire it, and it may not be what you want. The existence cognizes what is best for you and will present what you truly necessitate and desire.

Now the most of import step: Write it down. Writing it down is an action of power; something about authorship it down do the existence to move faster and with more than precision. Sure you can acquire your desires without authorship it down, but the end consequence will be less specific, less clear, and the abstraction of your desire may be establish to be not as good as you had hoped. Writing your dreaming consequences in a better focusing and you will have a better consequence every time. Two things that you should add in to your desire are the words: "I accept this or something better", and the statement; "with injury to none."

So we travel to the adjacent measure and listing your benefits. Why make you want this to go on or come up into your existence? Brand certain it is for the greater good, in other words do certain it can go on with injury to none. Also add in that you will accept something better. Let us state you want a car, but good trades on motortrucks maintain coming up, that agency the existence cognize you will be needing that pickup motortruck truck in the future, or that it will be more than utile to you than a car, so accept the something better.

There are a few bomber stairway in this benefit analysis, so let's cover them quickly. Analyze your current position; will this desire of yours help, hurt, change, or get rid of your current situation?

Find and Identify obstructions and risks; expression closely at what side personal effects this may cause. For illustration if you want to dwell in a better neighbour hood, will the people you assist now endure from your absence?

Here is a bomber measure that most people seek to skip, and it will definitely come up to stalk you if you make not pay it some attention: Identify dues, investings and sacrifices. Paying dues is the procedure of learning and achieving. For illustration to go a great piano player you would pay the dues of hours of practice, etc. etc. etc. Investments are things you would have got got to have to carry through your desire. Again, to be a pianoforte player necessitates a piano. Bash not bury the last part; of sacrifice. Following with piano player example; you will have got to give up some television clip in order to practice, and so on.

Another measure that velocities up the procedure is to place the cognition you will need. Continuing with the piano player example; you will necessitate to larn how to read music, and to interpret what you read into finger movements, so you will necessitate to seek an teacher to assist you detect this information.

Lastly there is a measure that most people skip, and in so doing set them selves up for failure and disappointment: Put a deadline. Three simple words that are so filled with terror, that for some that it freezes their actions. Without a deadline you make not have got a timeline for the existence to travel by. Yes the existence is timeless, but you are not. You can desire something all you desire but without a deadline in topographic point the existence will handle your desire as a low priority. You may acquire it in a timely manner, you may not. Setting a deadline makes a sense of urgency that volition have got got its impacts apparent promptly.

So there you have it, a formula for your life, a method of working, a accomplishment for using, whatever you wish to name it. You now know, and in knowing you can do better choices, and harvest better rewards.

Remember this; before you can reap, you have got to sow

Be Blessed

The Usher to Setting Goals

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

7 Tips and Exercises to Boost Your Creativity: Follow a Few Steps & Strategies to Solve Any Problem

1.Gather Information: you might not have got adequate information about your project/problem to come up up with a great originative solution.

Exercise: Go to a beginning of information you don't typically use. When is the last time you went to a library? Are there a authorities agency that have related information? How about a local community college, is there an teacher that learns something connected to your subject? Clerks at bookshops are often very helpful. There may be trade magazines addressing your country of interest.

2. Be Active: yes, you read correctly. Your encephalon utilizes a batch of oxygen and makes not work well when undernourished.

Exercise: Go make something active and FUN! This volition get the blood flowing and when you have got fun, your originative juices start flowing. Bash something that you haven't done in long time: dance, roller skate, hike, drive horseback, garden, or drive a bike.

3. Change your viewpoint: As Albert Einstein is quoted as saying: "We can't work out problems by using the same sort of thinking we used when we created them." Your perceptual experience determines the way to a problem's solution.

Exercise: Look at your problem from another point of view. What would your problem expression like if you were a different person? Imagine…from the viewpoint of a child, a co-worker, your dog, a gambler, a professional athlete, etc. This may sound silly, the point is to agitate up your normal modus operandi and assist your encephalon make new nerve pathways of thought.

4. Compare and Contrast: Compare your problem/issue/project to something very different; an physical object or a concept. Through juxtaposition, you may happen combinations you never saw before.

Exercise: Catch a blank sheet of paper. Write your problem at the top. Next to it compose an unrelated thought such as as "shoe", "the national highway system", "a candy bar", "cat litter"….you get the idea! Underneath compose every manner you can believe that these two things are alike. Remember to have got fun. This is simply another method of changing your viewpoint as well as generating more ideas.

5. Be Visual: Thinking is very unstable and visual, making usage of symbols and images instead of words. Give your problem A color…even a smell! What determine is it? What makes it experience like to the touch?

Exercise: This is best done with a large sheet of paper or a achromatic board. Use a regular piece of paper if that's all you have. Draw a rectangle in the centre and label it with your problem/project. Draw at least 5-6 radiating lines coming out from the box. Label these lines as different facets of your project. For instance, if the problem is Planning a Wedding on a Tight Budget, some of the radiating lines could be Food, Entertainment, and Wedding Dress. If the problem is Building a Team at work, some of the lines could be Collaboration, Productivity, and Communication. At the end of each line compose whatever you believe needs to go on with that area. This exercising can assist you see the large image as well as prioritize all the parts of your project.

6. Generate tons of ideas: You have got gathered information, pumped up your enthusiasm and reviewed your problem from many angles. It's time to really allow loose with ideas.

Exercise: Brainstorm! I intend REALLY brainstorm. Don't just flip out a smattering of ideas and phone call it quits. Put some energy into it. Collaboration is good for this as everyone will get some different ideas. Hand everyone a piece of paper (preferably large, that you can lodge to the wall). Set a time limit. Allow adequate time to get plentifulness of ideas but not so much time that you judge the ideas coming out of you (5-10 minutes). Also put a end for the number ideas, a end that volition military unit you to work fast. Speed is of import as well as reserving any judgment.

7. Give it to your subconscious: Let you subconscious head have got another cleft at it. You have got plenty of information and ideas. It may be ambitious to pick the best course of action.

Exercise: Sleep on it! Let your head have got it while you are resting. For this to really work you must make a review just before going to bed and place a notebook by your bed so you can jotting down ideas if you wake up during the nighttime and first thing in the morning. Intend that you will have got some replies when you wake up. As you wake up, you may have got to catch the ideas in the half-awake state. The notebook is right beside you so you won't lose any good thoughts.

Congratulations! You came up with some very originative solutions to your project. You can reiterate this procedure with any subject.

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